Kakama is a Maori word meaning quick, nimble, alert, active and capable.

Kakama Kayaks import high quality kayaks, paddles and apparel to NZ.

Kakama kayaks is an exciting new company founded in 2016 by Karl & Sarah Southall. Both grew up in England and competed in canoe slalom events all over the UK and Europe in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Karl mainly competed in c1 and c2 paddling at international events and representing England in c2. Sarah branched out into canoe polo competing at international events all over the UK and Europe. Having children and moving to the other side of the world resulted in a long 10 year break from canoeing, but time never dimmed our passion for it!

Since re-entering the competitive scene we realised choice for high quality competition kayaks in NZ is pretty limited; Kakama Kayaks import high quality kayaks, paddles and apparel to NZ. All of our products are made in Europe.

We are the sole importers of Streamlyte white-water & slalom paddles and the sole importers of TJ composites slalom kayak range. In stock in September: Polaczyk Kayak’s, made in Poland. As used in the 2016 Olympics.

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